Want to treat yourself to a new handbag? Tips for choosing an it bag that will follow you for a long time.

Choosing your handbag can be a real headache . Here are some ways to find the perfect model.

What are the different types of handbags?

There are at least a dozen different types of handbags . Clutches, shopping bags, game bags, beach bags, travel bags, evening bags, belt bags, shoulder bags, backpacks, bucket bags, shoulder or hand bags, micro or mini bags, baskets, lady’s bags … In short, there are as many handbags as there are opportunities to wear them! All that remains is to make the right choice. Woven Bags with natural materials are in fashion.

What shape of handbag to choose?

The most important thing in fashion is to have fun and the ideal bag shape is the one you like. Then, and only then, you can, if you wish, orient your choice according to different criteria:

  • Your morphology and your size: stylists often advise to opt for small handbags if you are small in size and on larger models if, on the contrary, you are tall. Are you round? It would be the models worn on the shoulder or in the hand that would be the most flattering.
  • Your age: A young girl’s first handbag is rarely the same as a 60-year-old lady’s. On the one hand, shopping bag formats in flexible materials for storing binders, calculators and other diaries. On the other, models worn on the shoulder, in leather or its vegan equivalent, which ensures maximum life for the it bag.
  • The season: no, we don’t always carry the same handbag in winter and summer. The basket, for example, is the perfect ally for sunny days. He goes from picnics in the forest to golden beaches without being disconcerted. On the other hand, in winter on the cobblestones, it looks gray.
  • Activity: would you slip your computer into a luxury bag? We don’t. On the other hand, in a reinforced backpack, yes. In fact, it all depends on how you are going to use your bag. Going to work, going on vacation, going on a hike, dancing the night away… It’s quite logical, actually!
  • Its dimensions: practical, the bag allows you to carry a maximum of effect. Generally large, it is ideal for everyday life. Less suitable for going out in the evening, however, where the mini format, very fashionable in recent seasons, is a must. Once again, it all depends on the context to determine which size of it bag to favor.
  • Its worn: do you prefer to walk hands-free? Invest in a shoulder bag. You can carry it on the shoulder or crossbody. If you want to slip it under your arm, pay attention to the size of the handles. They must be large enough to support, in winter, the layers of sweaters and the thickness of the coat.

How to choose the color of your handbag?

A daily accessory, the handbag should be a color you never tire of and that goes with almost everything . Beige, black, grey, camel… Neutral tones are generally the most popular because no matter what winter, spring, summer or fall, they always match to as many outfits as possible. Do you want to play the daring card ? Go all out on the snappy shades. Red, for example, can be combined with a large number of colors: navy blue, green, anthracite, white, fuchsia pink… Another solution, opt for a white handbag. Handmade woven bag can be a great choice:)

What are the it bags of 2022?

We saw them on the catwalks of Fashion Week . The handbags of 2022 compete between mini models and maxi versions.

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